California Clean Fuel Reward


Audi Rancho Mirage is Pleased to Announce its Participation in the California Clean Fuel Reward (CCFR). We're Offering Yet Another Reason to Buy an Electric Audi in 2022: A $750 Price Reduction on Certain Electric Vehicles the Moment you Buy Your New EV at Audi Rancho Mirage.

We've hand-picked electric Audi cars and SUV models from our new inventory that allow you to take advantage of this incredible $750 savings opportunity while possibly taking advantage of other incentives as well.

Thinking about buying a new car? You may have one more reason to go with an electric vehicle. You can save up to $750 on your EV purchase when you buy an eligible electric vehicle at Audi Rancho Mirage in 2022? And you may be able to combine that reward with existing incentives at the local, state and federal level.

The $750 CCFR now available to anyone who buys or leases a new electric vehicle with a battery capacity greater than 5 kWh.  While there are no income or location restrictions within California, you have to register your electric car in California and you must live here

The goal of the California Clean Fuel Reward is to put more electric vehicles on the streets for a carbon-neutral future. Carbon neutrality means having a balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. It is essential to reduce carbon emissions in order to reach a state of climate neutrality.

It's easy to obtain the reward. When you buy or lease an EV at Audi Rancho Mirage, an enrolled dealership in California, we will simply include the reward in the transaction at the point of sale. You don't need provide any paperwork or fill out any forms.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company and other electric utilities have teamed up with the California Air Resources Board to offer the reward, which is even offered on a sliding scale depending on your car battery size.

Discounts of  up to $750 are offered on cars with larger batteries that carry a bigger charging capacity. And, the incentive is also available on leased electric vehicles. Only vehicles purchased or leased from an approved participating retailer such as Audi Rancho Mirage are eligible.

If you purchased your vehicle before your retailer was approved in the program or if you did not purchase at a participating retailer, you can visit your electric utility' s website or search Additional Incentives because you may still be eligible for existing rewards.

So far, more than 20 cars from 15 manufacturers are eligible for the reward including 2022 models eligible to receive the full $750.

Moreover, the CCFR can be combined with existing post-sale federal, state and local incentives. Those include the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, Clean Cars 4 All, and the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program. Together that can potentially save you $10,000 on your EV purchase. It's a good time to buy electric!

PG&E's EV Savings Calculator helps customers who are considering purchasing or leasing an EV to compare cars and evaluate total cost of ownership of an EV compared to gas-powered cars. The tool provides customers with a personalized recommendation that includes estimated costs, savings, and rebates or incentives of up to approximately $10,000.